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A Native American Gallery created for those individuals who value and treasure fine Native American Jewelry & Art.  White Buffalo Collectibles has 2 domain names, and, we hope you enjoy shopping with us.

  • Famous Artists: Effie "C"Calavaza , Alvin Yellowhorse, Ben Livingston, LaNeAyo, and many more!
  • Zuni Fetishes and Native Sculptures showcasing artwork from Andy & Roberta Abeita.
    Hopi Creations
  • Kachinas made by Navajo Artists
  • Peace pipes, fans, rain maker sticks, cradle boards and MORE !

You will enjoy browsing through the following Native American Collectible listings. These are all certified and numbered authentic Native American works of Art.

Some of the sections you will find under "Products" are:

Native American Jewelry
Under Native American Jewelry (which is our MOST visited section!!) White Buffalo has collected Intricate Silverwork by many FAMOUS Artists, including Alvin Yellowhorse , Ernest Benally , Zuni Artist; Effie "C" Calavaza, Tommy Singer, Sam Gray, and Tommy Moore just to name a few. Turquoise Jewelry, Rings, Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, White Buffalo Turquoise , the New Crazy Horse gem stones and other collectibles. These authentic Native American Jewelry treasures are created by various Indian Tribes. The artists featured in White Buffalo 1 come from the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi, Acoma, Laguna, Santa Domingo, Creek, Cheyenne and Ute Tribes just to name a few.

Native American Fetishes
Fair Warning: collecting Fetishes can be ADDICTING!!!
Under the FETISH section you will find some intricate carvings.
Fetishes are believed to derive their power from various sources, which explains why there are so many different designs. They were created to protect their owners against certain dangers. You will find many to chose from. Also new from the Sante Fe Indian show are beautiful pieces by Artists Andy & Roberta Abeita who are well-known for their skillful attention to detail. Some of their carvings are actually large stone sculptures.

Native American Pottery
The craft of native American pottery making is handed down from generation to generation among the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona. In almost every village there are a few who make plain kitchenware for their own use. With the Hopi this is quite common. More often, however, the potters make beautifully decorated ware, each in the style of her own village, and sells them as decorative ornaments.
The categories above will show a sample of the different Pueblo styles and designs that we have collected. Our pottery is individually handmade by various potters and each piece is hand carved and hand painted with Native American designs. The carvings are very detailed and are a beautiful work of art. We our very proud of our collection at

Native American Collectibles
The MASKS category are creations by FAMOUS "Creek" Artist LaNeAyo. These are truly the finest you will find any where. The original designs and fine details are a real tribute to their artist. Under the SCULPTURE listing you will find beautiful Alabaster carvings, Buffalo's, Mother & Father, Eagle, and many different kinds of sculptures. Most of these where created and carved by FAMOUS Navajo Artist Ben Livingston. Under the Native American ARTIFACT section you will find peace pipes, fans, rain maker sticks, cradle boards and more. This is one of White Buffalo's largest sections.

Hopi Creations
The Hopi Indians live in the arid South Western United States. They are a nation of farmers whose very existence depends upon the production of food crops. Rain for their crops is essential for survival. Throughout the summer season ceremonies and dances are performed by Hopis dressed as "spirts"beings called Kachinas. These dancers are thought of as spiritual messengers who convey the wishes of the Hopi people through prayers, songs and dances.

Every symbol, design and color on the masks, bodies and clothing of the dolls has definite symbolism and meaning; with a direct connection to the Hopi life, custom, history and religion.

Our Hopi Creations section under products includes Shalakos, Katsinas, Pottery and more.

Here you will find Kachinas made by Navajo Artists. Keep in mind that the Kachina has no religious significance in the Navajo culture. Navajo Kachina makers and other craftsmen have borrowed from the other cultures for centuries but do not always follow the techniques of the Hopi's. These Navajo Kachina's are not carved from cottonwood root like the Hopi Kachinas but are less expensive than the true Hopi Kachinas. Buyers have a choice of purchasing either the Navajo or Hopi version, and there are collector's of both. The Navajo Kachina was created due to tourist demand for them at a lower cost.
Native American Beadwork, Northwest Art , New Arrivals and Monthly Specials are also special sections
These are smaller sections but represent items we have bought traveling to different Reservations through out the country.

Native American Spirit
We have devoted our entire White Buffalo website to authentic Native American pieces. In our travels we have found some beautiful art work that is NOT Native but have been created in the Native American Spirit. With that thought in mind what you will view in this section are NOT authentic Native American pieces.
How to Order
This section explains how to order, shipping charges, layaway policy and return policy.

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