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Leather Cradleboard.

Leather Cradleboard

A019 - Dark Brown Leather Cradleboard - rtist: Curtis Bitsui; 405-278 - Description: This is a smaller version of the real thing! This leather cradleboard was used by Native Americans to carry their children around while they worked. This cradleboard has a dream catcher located near the bottom to keep the child safe. Hanging off the dream catcher is six brown feathers, each with two black beads and one red bead on them. The top and inside of this cradleboard is covered with rabbit fur, making this piece simply stunning. Also on the top are four feathers exactly like the ones on the bottom. There are two identical embroidered cloth strips, which have white, black, red, orange, yellow, and blue colors in them. This cradleboard is also decorated with fringe work. The loop, to which it would hang from the wall is also made out of leather and is braided. This piece measures 16 " long, 7" wide and has a depth of 5 ". This Native American creation comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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