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Native American Style Leather War Shirt.

Native American Style Leather War Shirt

A400 - Native American Style Leather War Shirt - Artist: Not Native - Measurements: 35"L x 22"W - Description: These spectacular shirts, proudly worn by Native American ancestors, are a bridge connecting us to the past. Earned through acts of bravery, decorated in honor of great deeds, reflecting the deepest spiritual beliefs of the people who made and wore them, they are the closes we are ever to going to get to our forefathers. You can see it in the original shape of the hides; the animalís integrity is maintained in the shirt, and with the animalís power. This early, classic form resembles a poncho, with the wearer's head fitting through the hole and the shirt draping gracefully downward. Few, if any, tie straps were used under the arms or sides to hold the shirt together, allowing maximum flow and freedom. Once a shirt was constructed, it could be decorated in several different ways. Quillwork and beadwork could be attached to it. A shirt could also be filled the vivid color. Pictographic artwork, in particular, painted on tips and shields, as well as robes and shirts, accommodated the warrior tradition. The warrior cherished the unique sweat markings. Forefathers traditionally handed these shirts down from generation to generation. These paintings record the brave and successful exploits of individual men; you can almost hear the blast of the musket, the thundering of hooves, and the screams of horses.

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Price: $510.00