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Home » Hopi Creations » Hopi Katsinas

Hopi Eagle Kachina (Katsina).

Hopi Eagle Kachina (Katsina)

K716 - Hopi Eagle Kachina (Katsina) - Artist: Tsinsine - Description: This exquisite carving is a contemporary design of the Eagle Kachina, uniquely displayed by this popular Native American Artist. This magnificent, handcrafted artwork is an authentic replica carved entirely from a single piece of wood. This beautiful Kachina is created with outstanding creativity and the personal attention to detail is astounding. The Eagle Kachina occupies a rather unique position among the Hopi. This Kachina is treated with honor and is given presents along with the children. The Kachina dances in a form of replication, imitating the motions and cry of the Eagle to absolute perfection. The spanned wings of the Eagle are intricately carved and elaborately painted to perfection along with the feathers around the neck. Each feather is individually carved depicting impressive replication and realism. The back of the head is also covered with beautifully carved eagle feathers. The Kachina is clothed in an impressive native designed skirt with a colorful sash delicately tied on the side. The sash is elaborately painted and carved with authentic native designs. The dimensional carving displays the distinctive folds of the skirt. The mask and beak reflect the realistic markings of the Eagle. A large, turquoise colored necklace adorns the Kachinas neck. On his back he wears a traditional shield of red and blue, coordinated with feathers. The shield represents a “moisture tablet” acknowledging the eagle’s ability to bring rain and also indicating that the eagle is chief of all birds. This magnificent piece of art is truly museum quality and highly valued by collectors. The base of the Kachina reflects stairs leading down to the pueblos. This unique carving measures 18” tall x 17 1/2” wide x 13” deep. This impressive Eagle Kachina is securely attached to the base with wooden pegs, making it extremely sturdy. This Native American creation comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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