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Home » Hopi Creations » Hopi Katsinas

Hummingbird~~Flat Doll with authentic gourd Rattle.

Hummingbird~~Flat Doll with authentic gourd Rattle

K869 Hummingbird~~ Flat Doll with authentic gourd Rattle, Artist: Mike George, size 6"Wx8.5"Hx4"D. The Hummingbird Kachina is a brilliant impersonator during winter and spring dances. The Kachina bobs and calls like a bird while it moves with great speed. He may also appear as a runner because he moves fast enough to catch an individual and whip him with his decorative staff. Traditional, flat carvings are dolls in the traditional sense, given to baby girls when they're born. But even the more finely carved pieces, made theoretically by the Katsinas themselves, are presented to Hopi visitors at Katsina dances. Magnificent carvings have even been known to pass to the hands of outsiders or “Pahanas”—but only if those individuals have proven themselves worthy.

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