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Home » Hopi Creations » Hopi Katsinas

Lefthand Katsina.

Lefthand Katsina

K875 Lefthand Katsina, Artist: Larin Nasafotie, size 4"W X 13.5"H X 4" D. The Left-Handed Katsina (Siyangephoya) is said by some to be derived from the Hualapai Indians. He carries his gear opposite of regular Katsinam (he must use his right hand, rather than his left to draw an arrow from the quiver). This Katsina moves with strange bobbings and little mincing steps. Despite his odd behavior, he is an excellent hunter and some consider him quite powerful. In carvings he is usually shown holding an eagle or with a deer draped over his shoulder, demonstrating his hunting prowess. Larin signs his katsinas "Nasaavti" and carves five stars into and around his signature. The five stars represent the five worlds of the Hopi. The Hopi believe that they are in the fourth world, Larin believes there is a fifth world and that is what awaits them when they leave here.

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