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Last of the Dog Men.

Last of the Dog Men

M221 - Last of the Dog Men - Cheyenne Dog Soldier - Artist: LaNeAyo Census Number 36597 - Description: This ceramic wall hanging depicts the image (the face paint, breast plate, etc) of the individual that the artist is describing. This eye catching piece is a re-creation reflecting the "war paint" and personal adornment wore by the "Dog Men" Soldier. The strongest and bravest of the Cheyenne soldier bands were the "HOTAMITAUIU" or "Dog Men". A legend relating to their formation led to them being designated as the watchdogs of the tribe. The Cheyenne Dog Soldiers sent chills down the spines of white men as they were known as the most hostile Indian band in the territory. Land once gained by the Cheyenne was not easily relinquished. This beautiful piece of art measures 59" long, 16 wide and 7 deep and is based on a full Coyote Pelt. The ceramic face of the soldier is covered in war paint. The eyes seem very realistic and appear to be watching your every move. It is decorated in designs important to the Cheyenne culture. A black Ermine pelt lays over the head of the mask with horsehair braids draped down both sides. On his chest is a bone breast plate decorated with rawhide straps woven with beads and rattles. This beautiful piece is a one of a kind creation and would add value to any Native American collection or simply be cherished on the wall of your home. This Native American creation comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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