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Koshari Hopi Clown.

Koshari Hopi Clown

M334 - Koshari Hopi Clown - Artist: LaNeAyo Census Number 36597 - This ceramic wall hanging depicts the image (the face paint, breast plate, etc) of the individual that the artist is describing, in this case the Hopi clown. The clowns are frequently referred to by the Hopi as the Koshari or Kaisale after the Keresan society to which they belonged. The Hopi tribe has several different clown characters and they all paint their bodies. The Koshari or Hano clowns paint their body and face in black and white horizontal stripes. Their costume is a loincloth and a striped hat with two tall thin horns. The Hopi Clown is a delightful trickster and is often referred to as the delight makers or the joker, which bring happiness to others. The clown works the crowd and will adjust his antics to fit the type of people, be it children, adults or elderly patrons. The ceramic face of this clown is painted black and white with horsehair. The eyes seem very realistic and appear to be watching your every move. The headdress is designed and colored like a typical clown, black/white stripes and black/white striped horns with leather hanging from each horn. On his chest is a bone breast plate which measures 9inches long and 6inches wide and is decorated with turquoise and a leather medicine bag. He is wearing a black/white striped leather shirt with black Ermine pelts draped over the shoulders. This beautiful piece of art measures 41inches long, 23inches wide and 7inches deep. This beautiful piece is a one of a kind creation and would add value to any Native American collection or simply be cherished on the wall of your home. This Native American creation comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Price: $577.00