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Apache Scout on MOOSE Antlers.

Apache Scout on MOOSE Antlers

M367 - Apache Scout on MOOSE Antlers - Artist: LaNeAyo Census Number 36597 - Description: This ceramic wall hanging depicts the image (the face paint, breast plate, etc) of the individual that the artist is describing, in this case the Apache Scout. The Apaches, like most Native Americans, have no written history but through migration eventually reached the Southwestern U.S. They were known for their fierce resistance to the US government but were defeated by the US army during the 1870's. The tribe would constantly move and the Apache Scout, proud and vigilant, would be the first to move on, scouting for better hunting and a place to start a new village. Moose antler drops have an expensive market value which explains the high cost of this mask. This beautiful piece of art measures 23 long, 31 wide and 7 deep and is mounted on a moose antler with leather fringe and fox fur decorating the base of the antler. The ceramic face of this Apache Scout is painted with a red and yellow design over his forehead and down each side with four horsehair braids. The eyes seem very realistic and appear to be watching your every move. It is decorated in designs important to the Apache culture. The focus of the headdress is an eagle carved out of parasite wood and surrounded by deer fur. There are feathers, raccoon fur and brown fox fur hanging from both sides of his headdress. On his chest is a bone breast plate decorated with turquoise that measures 12 long and 6 deep. This beautiful piece is a one of a kind creation and would add value to any Native American collection or simply be cherished on the wall of your home. This Native American creation comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Email Friend List Price: $749.10
Price: $681.00