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56 Chief Cross Bow with Arrows.

56 Chief Cross Bow with Arrows

W189a - 56" Chief Cross Bow with Arrows - Artist: Curtis Bitsui - 405-728 - Description: The bow and arrow was the favorite weapon of most North American Indians. Bows were made out of young trees, called saplings. Superior bow woods included yew, oasage orange, ash, and chokeberry. The material used most often for bowstrings was deer or moose sinew. Since sinew stretches in wet weather, Indians in damp areas often made their bow strings from strong plant fiber instead. Arrow shafts were made from reeds, canes, or stems of almost any wood. Feathers were often attached to the shafts. These made the arrow's flight more accurate. Arrow shafts were tipped with points made from bone, antler, or stone. In many tribes, arrows were carried in a stiff case known as a quiver. Indian of the forest made short arrows, since these were less likely to get snagged on branches and bushes. Elsewhere in North America, long arrows were preferred. This genuine bow and arrow set measures 20" high and 56 in length. This Native American artifact comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Price: $255.00