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Knife with Wood Stand.

Knife with Wood Stand

WK4 - Knife with Wood Stand - Artist: Russ Pound - Description: This is NOT Native American but is done in the Native Spirit. This knife handle is constructed from antlers and the knife blade is hand knapped from white aggregated coral. The blade is attached to the handle using genuine raw sinew binding. The knife stand is a piece of drift wood, Water Willow, mounted on a 1 thick wood base. The measurements are 2 wide, 1 1/2 high and 4 depth. The Florida Timucuans people were latecomers to Florida and brought better farming skills with them. They were divided into numerous independent villages, each with a leader. A typical Timucuan village consisted of small huts surrounded by a circular twelve foot high wall of tree trunks. A single opening led to the village plaza where the chieftain resided and the tribal granaries were located. Along the perimeter of the wall were family dwellings which were furnished with reed beds, three legged stools and pottery for food storage. The knife handles are constructed from antlers and are adhered to the blades using Buffalo hide glue and genuine raw sinew binding. The knife blade is hand knapped from various stones and corals including Florida heat treated field stones and aggregated coral.

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Price: $150.00